May 28, 2023
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Senator Josh Hawley just appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the nature of the radical leftist enemy that Americans are facing and, sounding off on that threat, perfectly described the danger posed by such crazies.

Namely, Hawley described the dual problem of the left increasingly becoming “anti-democratic”, despite its frequent laments about the conservative threat to “our democracy”, and its tendency to resort to violence, as seen by the threatening protests outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices due to the Dobbs decision, protests that Team Biden has largely turned a blind eye to or downplayed.

Speaking on that, Hawley first blasted Biden’s decision to ignore the threatening protests as being “outrageous”, saying:

It’s outrageous, first of all. I’d say two things. The first is the Biden administration has really turned … a blind eye towards this left-wing violence and have really encouraged it by saying things like, ‘Oh, it’s fine to protest at the justices’ homes’ even though it is, in fact, illegal.

Continuing, Hawley then turned to explaining what that shows about the left and its inclinations, particularly when it comes to dealing with those who dissent, saying::

The second thing is it really shows that the radical left has become very anti-democratic. What they don’t want is they don’t want the people to have any say when it comes to laws protecting life and the regulation of abortion.

“They don’t want the people in the states or anywhere to be able to weigh in, and that is what this decision does. It turns it back to the people, which is as it should be. And that is not what the left wants, and it really shows. They have become very anti-democratic.”

Senator Hawley is one of the most “MAGA”-leaning Republicans in the Senate, at least in what he says, and as such pushes many “national conservative”-type policies, particularly those having to do with families and culture.

For example, he was a keynote speaker at the 2021 National Conservatism Conference, during which he gave a brilliant speech in which he excoriated the left for its war on men, America, and the family.

At one point, he made a major argument in favor of pro-family policies, saying:

Speaking of communities, those begin with the family, and we must make the family the center of political life.

We should be clear in the message we send about family and unapologetic: There is no higher calling, and no greater duty, than raising a family. And we should encourage all men to pursue it.

To that end, I believe the time has come for explicit rewards in our tax code for marriage. Forget the marriage penalty. There should be a marriage bonus. And we should allow the parents of young children to keep more of their own money as well. …

In another he defended masculinity and the American man, saying:

The Left is telling America and its men, you’re evil. You’re terrible. You must apologize and submit to your government masters to be reformed.

I suggest we offer a different theme, one that goes like this. … America is yet that city on a hill, and the eyes of the world are yet upon us, looking to us for hope.

American men are and can be an unrivaled force for good in the world—if we can strengthen them, if we can empower them, if we can unleash them to be who they are made to be.

All that’s to say, unlike many other Republicans, who complain but have little inclination to take action against their enemies, Hawley both recognizes the threat posed by the left and is ready to fight it in whatever ways are possible.

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