May 31, 2023
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The new Republican era of House control is going swimmingly, no?

Let’s recap. The first ballot for House Speaker failed to elect Kevin McCarthy, who earlier in the day insisted that he wouldn’t step down no matter how many ballots it took. It takes a majority to win the Speaker, and those dissenters means we’ll head to a second ballot soon. Breibart’s Joel Pollak summed up the situation well:

It’s a possibility, but not a very strong one. To get to 218, Jeffries would have to get five Republicans to vote for him, and that would be a nuclear bomb within the GOP. In fact, we may already be approaching nuclear status within the House Republican caucus. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) angrily declared the Freedom Caucus dissenters not as opponents but outright “enemies” in an interview with CNN.

“They’re very clearly looking for notoriety over principle,” Crenshaw said, and that was maybe the nicest thing he said about them:

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