May 31, 2023
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Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot is asking for over $50 million dollars to provide services for illegal migrants in the city.

She seems to be following the lead of New York City Mayor Eric Adams who requested massive funds for the same reason in recent months.

When is the Biden administration going to finally admit that this is a major problem?

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Lightfoot asks Illinois for millions more to help migrants; state says funding will stop by end of January

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has told state lawmakers the city needs millions more in funding to provide for hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers.

In a letter dated Thursday, Lightfoot requested $53.5 million from Illinois legislators to help pay for emergency services for the recent arrivals.

Lightfoot said in the letter that the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois Department of Human Services would stop sending financial support to Chicago for migrant services in the new year.

“The city is grateful to the state of Illinois for its partnership and collaboration on this mission to date, but we are simply unable to provide migrant services at today’s levels after February 1, 2023, if the state withdraws its financial support,” Lightfoot wrote in the letter.

Chicago had 1,531 migrants in its care, Lightfoot wrote Dec. 29 and is running 11 alternate shelters that provide meals, clothing and showers.

This is ridiculous.

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