May 28, 2023
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On Friday, Darren Beattie appeared as a guest co-host on Steve Bannon’s War Room, where he provided his usual insights into the ongoing 2024 GOP primary season, including the significance of the “DeSantis factor.” Beattie contends that the GOP establishment views Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the “Brian Kilmeade” of politics. The gist is that the donors are using DeSantis as a billy club to use against Trump, which is causing DeSantis to become increasingly unpopular with the MAGA base; but if DeSantis fails to “take down Trump”, then they will just throw him under the bus.


Beattie also said this:

Darren’s analysis brings to the forefront the strategies employed by the GOP establishment to maintain its grip on the party. It begs the question whether Governor DeSantis will succumb to their demands or take a different approach.

Below are more great excerpts from Darren’s guest co-host appearance.

This one’s title is pretty self-explanatory: “How the American Media Treats U.S. Citizens as Cattle, Darren Beattie Explains”. Watch:

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