May 28, 2023
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The curious case of Ray Epps stands as the most conspicuous and damning thorn in the side of the Regime’s official narrative of the January 6 Fedsurrection.

It is fair to say if it hadn’t been for the intrepid reporting of Tucker Carlson and Revolver News (if the reader will permit a bit of self-contragulation) the burning questions surrounding Epps’ involvement in January 6 would not have received the national attention that they deserve. According to the transcript of the January 6th Committee’s interrogation of Epps, Epps himself singles out Revolver News along with representatives Massie, Gaetz, and others as the chief culprit in circulating so-called “baseless conspiracy theories” surrounding Epps’ behavior.

The New York Times even summoned its most reliable journalistic janitor to pen a fully dedicated puff piece on Epps, presenting Epps as a deeply wronged victim of conspiracy theories peddled by the pesky likes of Tucker Carlson and Revolver News. We invite readers to revisit Darren Beattie’s viral brutal takedown of this Times piece — a journalistic embarrassment even by the standard of the New York Times.

Ray Epps has recently launched the next bizarre phase of his grievance tour, and the New York Times has once again enlisted itself to provide sympathetic coverage. This time, Ray Epps demands that Tucker Carlson formally retract his “false and defamatory statements” and that Carlson issue a “full and on air apology” for “lies” in relation to Epps.

A lawyer for Ray Epps, the man at the center of a prominent conspiracy theory about the Capitol riot, sent a letter on Thursday to the Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanding that he publicly retract his “false and defamatory statements” that Mr. Epps had worked as a government provocateur on Jan. 6, 2021, and helped to instigate the mob attack.

The letter to Mr. Carlson from the lawyer, Michael Teter, also demanded a “formal on-air apology for the lies” that have been “spread about Mr. Epps” by others at Fox.

“The fanciful notions that Mr. Carlson advances on his show regarding Mr. Epps’s involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection are demonstrably (and already proven to be) false,” Mr. Teter wrote. “And yet Mr. Carlson persists with his assault on the truth.”

Letters seeking retractions and apologies are often sent when lawyers are preparing to file a defamation lawsuit.

Furthermore, Epps demands that Tucker preserve his communications with Revolver News’ Darren Beattie and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, presumably in anticipation of a defamation suit

Mr. Teter’s letter requested that Mr. Carlson and Fox send written confirmation that they intended to comply with Mr. Epps’s demands by March 31. The letter also asked Fox to preserve all communications concerning the network’s arrangement with Mr. McCarthy and about any dealings that Fox or Mr. Carlson might have had with Darren Beattie, the proprietor of a website called Revolver News, which published early stories about Mr. Epps.

It is tempting to immediately address the substance of Epps’ ridiculous accusations, but it would be remiss to do so without pointing out the buried lede here— that is, the identity of Epps’ new lawyer. Epps’ former lawyer who advised him through the Jan 6 Committee questioning and other things was a man by the name of John Blischak, who just happens to be a 9 year veteran of the FBI. Epps’ new lawyer is Michael Teter, has an even more unlikely pedigree for a defender of Epps.

Teter currently works for an organization called Facts First USA, a nakedly partisan organization targeting the agenda of the so-called “MAGA Majority” in Congress. The President of Facts First USA is none other than the disgraced Democrat/Clinton machine hatchet man David Brock. For those unfamiliar, Brock’s resume includes founding the Soros funded Media Matters, a so-called “watchdog” group that watches conservative media 24/7 and excerpts “gotcha” clips for political purposes. Brock’s current Superpac ran an 80 million dollar opposition research campaign for Biden, and the New York Times described Brock’s former group Correct the Record as “Hillary Clinton’s own personal media watch dog.” Brock is most notorious, however, for his infamous “Brock Memo,” a memo formally titled “Democracy Action: Strategic Plan for Action” that served as a blueprint for the Democrat and Deep State alliance to undermine, neutralize, and destroy Trump’s presidency from day one.

One of the key pillars of this strategy was the aggressive use of lawfare tactics to embroil Trump and his allies in continuous lawsuits and legal trouble. The lawfare component of the strategy was to be carried out by an organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which co-sponsored the Brock memo, and on whose board Brock served as chairman from 2014 to 2016. CREW was actually co-founded by none-other than Norm Eisen, former Obama ethics czar and notorious color revolution professional whom Revolver famously profiled years ago. In fact, Revolver covered the lawfare and color revolution-like components of the Brock Memo in this earlier piece:

Despite their constant invocation of “democracy” we ought to note that transferring the question of electoral outcomes to adversarial legal processes is in fact anti-Democratic—in keeping with our observation that the Color Revolution playbook uses “democracy” as a term of art, often meaning the precise opposite of the usual meaning suggesting popular support.

Perhaps the most important entry in Eisen’s entry is the first, that is, Eisen’s participation in the infamous David Brock blueprint on how to undermine and overthrow the Trump presidency.

This leaked memo was written before President Trump took office, further suggesting that all of the efforts to undermine Trump have not been good faith responses to his behavior, but a pre-ordained attack strategy designed to overturn the 2016 election by any means necessary. The Color Revolution expert who suggests impeachment as a tactic in his Color Revolution “playbook” was already in charge of impeachment before Trump even took office—-Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is run by none other than Norm Eisen.

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