February 5, 2023
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It might’ve taken nearly three day, but Arizona finally admitted who their next governor will be. Republican Kari Lake takes home the nomination.

Democrats were clearly ruffled, as was evidenced by the reluctance to finish counting the votes. Once Lake pulled ahead, it’s as if Maricopa county shut down completely. Either way you look at this election, people will question the results. Such is the outcome of the obvious cheat in the 2020 election that put feckless Joe Biden into office in a coup. Did remnants of that coup cause the anti-Trump arm of the GOP to allow Kari Lake her victory? Some believe that to be the case.

From election insiders who traveled the state pillar to post, Lake was the dominant favorite. And Trump’s endorsement certainly didn’t hurt. Greeted everywhere by large crowds, Lake commanded this election. Yet on election night, Lake found herself trailing…big.

At one point with about 50 percent of the vote counted, Lake was down 49 to 40. I can only imagine what Lake’s “victory party” looked like at that point, as people cried foul. Ultimately, Lake prevailed. But was this done to make people believe in “election integrity” {wink}?

Clearly much more work should be done on election integrity. We shouldn’t have to guess if our candidate won legitimately or at the whims of some “man behind the curtain”.

It’s quite clear why Democrats think Lake is a fluke. They loathe her politics- from her Trump endorsement to her own endorsement of Ivermectin, she’s put the left on her “Public Enemy #1” list.

To quote Lake directly “It (ivermectin) works … I’ve taken it. It’s a wonder drug. And it’s outrageous they kept that from us. And it was Anthony Fauci who kept that from us. I’m encouraging any lawman here, and I’m talking about sheriffs … to issue a warrant for Anthony Fauci’s arrest out of Arizona.”

Strangely enough, Democrats and the mainstream media still try to deny the truth about the scamdemic. Even as lawsuits are being filed, facts are pouring out, and the vaccine continues to endanger lives. One would think “the jig is up,” but instead, leftists just cling to their lies.

Luckily, term limits prevented Gov. Doug Ducey from seeking reelection. But now, Ms. Lake will face Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state on election night. That means we have three months to put an end to the voting irregularities that make another cheat look entirely possible.

Since he lives in Arizona, and had front row seats to the primary, I asked Kevin Jackson to weigh in on what he thought happened in the primary.

“I think she won fair and square. I was shocked that Robson was so close. [Lake] had the McCain faction of “Republicans”.” 

I agree whole-heartedly. But the appearance of impropriety in the primary means Lake needs a solid, clean win to be an effective governor. Thus, it time to batten up the hatches. It’s long been said that “he who controls the voting machines controls the elections.” We can’t allow that to continue on as the truth. Those who vote must be in control.

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