May 28, 2023
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So about that ‘safe and effective’ narrative…

WASHINGTON, DC – In another testament to the efficacy of the COVID shots, the double-jabbed and boosted First Lady, Jill Biden, has reportedly tested positive for COVID. The 71-year-old reportedly tested positive on the final day of a family trip to the beach in South Carolina.

The First Lady tested positive on the morning of August 16th after having developed “cold-like symptoms” the evening prior, according to a statement from Jill Biden’s spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander.

Joe Biden flew back to D.C. on August 16th, whereas his wife is staying behind at the South Carolina home in self-isolation for a period of at least five days, so long as she renders two consecutive negative tests for COVID.

A statement from the White House confirmed that Jill Biden is taking a regimen of Paxlovid, which is an oral anti-viral medicine meant to treat COVID cases caught early-on.

“After testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday during her regular testing cadence, the First Lady began to develop cold-like symptoms late in the evening. She tested negative again on a rapid antigen test, but a PCR test came back positive. The First Lady is double-vaccinated, twice boosted, and only experiencing mild symptoms. She has been prescribed a course of Paxlovid and, following CDC guidance, will isolate from others for at least five days. Close contacts of the First Lady have been notified. She is currently staying at a private residence in South Carolina and will return home after she receives two consecutive negative tests.”

In terms of COVID cases, it has not been a few good weeks for the Bidens. Whilst Joe Biden tested negative for the virus on August 16th, he’d just gotten over back-to-back infections of COVID, with the first diagnosis cropping up on July 21st.

The president wound up undergoing a Paxlovid course and tested negative days after his diagnosis, but then reportedly fell victim to what health officials refer to as a “rebound” case of COVID and continued testing positive again while experiencing symptoms well into August.

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