May 31, 2023
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The Bidens made millions working for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

“You’re right Hallie and I find myself… very alone in dealing with rebuilding an income that can support an enormous alimony and my kids costs and myself, dealing with the aftermath of the abduction and likely assassination (that’s what NYT’s suspects) of my business partner the richest man in the world, the arrest and conviction of my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China by the US government, the retaliation of the Chinese in the ouster and arrest of US suspected CIA operatives inside China, my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China, a tax bill that Eric left hanging over my business and… And Dads running for president.”

Hunter Biden sent these text messages to his brother’s widow Hallie Biden on December 14, 2018, at 10:31 AM according to text messages found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

All of Hunter Biden’s laptop messages and emails, including the ones featured in this article, can be found compiled in a searchable format on the website of Marco Polo, an anti-corruption organization led by a former Trump White House staffer.

This single text message found on Hunter’s laptop raises many important national security concerns for the United States.

Why was Hunter Biden helping Vladimir Putin sell oil & gas to China?

Why was Hunter Biden working with ‘the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China’?

Why was Hunter Biden’s business partner with ‘the richest man in the world’ who was building China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

Did China arrest CIA operatives in retaliation for the DOJ arresting Hunter’s business partner?

Founded in 2002, CEFC China Energy Company Limited (CEFC China) was the largest private oil and gas company in China when Hunter Biden began doing business with them in 2017.

As Hunter explained to his business partner Tony Bobulinski in text messages, he spoke with the Chairman of CEFC China Ye Jianming on a “regular basis” because they had “a standing once a week call as I am also his personal counsel (we signed an attorney client engagement letter) in the U.S.”

Hunter also said he was advising CEFC’s Chairman “on a number of his personal issues (staff visas and some more sensitive things).”

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