May 31, 2023
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Why has the Biden Administration’s response to skyrocketing gas prices been so muted, except for period attacks on the so-called “Putin price hike”?

Well, if Brian Deese, the Director of the National Economic Council of the United States, is to be believed, it’s because those high gas prices are what the “liberal world order” requires, or at least sees as necessary, to affect its agenda.

Watch him say so here:

As you can hear in the video, Deese, one of Biden’s top economic advisors, was asked by CNN’s Viktor Blackwell “What do you say to the families that say ‘we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years, this is not sustainable?”

That’s a surprisingly good question, particularly coming from CNN, yet Deese gave a shocking response, saying:

What you heard from the president today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.

But at the same time, what I would say to that family and Americans across the country is you have a president and an administration that is going to do everything in its power to blunt those price increases and bring those prices down.”

And that response isn’t out of the norm for Team Biden. In a quote cited by Deese, President Biden himself was asked by “How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?” and responded by saying “as long as it takes“, implying that fighting some proxy war with Russia in a nation few Americans could have pointed to in February is more important than reducing pain at the pump for American consumers.

For reference, Biden’s full response to that question was:

As long as it takes so Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world. I think there’s a lot of things we can do and we will do, but the bottom line is: Ultimately, the reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia.

Republicans on Twitter were quick to attack Deese for his response which, though the term “liberal world order” is not as conspiratorial as it sounds and refers to …-World War II western way of government and foreign relations, was quite tasteless and sounded bad.

Former White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp, for example, tweeted “The Biden administration cares more about the liberal world order than American families.

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