May 28, 2023
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Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen said on Tuesday morning the drug addict portrayed in unflattering photos from his laptop was ‘not the man she was married to’ in an interview on GMA.

Ex-wife Kathleen said on Tuesday morning she was ’embarrassed’ by allowing him to control their finances but ‘buried her head in the sand’ because she ‘liked nice things and didn’t want to think about the cost at which they were coming’.Kathleen, 52, was married to Hunter from 1993 until 2017.

They have three daughters together and split around the time that he began an affair with his dead brother Beau’s widow Hallie.Despite their acrimonious split – in which she allegedly demanded $37,000 a month – and Hunter’s scandalous antics, Hallie was complimentary in an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday to promote her new memoir, If We Break.

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