May 28, 2023
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77 minutes of leaked audio from Hunter Biden’s laptop shows him bragging about influence

Author of “The War on the West” Douglas Murray responded to a leaked audio tape from Hunter Biden’s laptop on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. Murray argued the family dynamics are “not a good and healthy sign” after Hunter was heard bragging about the power he had over his father.

DOUGLAS MURRAY: Hunter Biden bears out this thing that every monarchy knows. What do you do with the prince? The prince is always a problem. And it’s particularly a problem if the prince is not going to get to the throne. How do you deal with a problem like Hunter Biden? This was clearly an issue in the family. He says in this leaked audio, I think my father’s God. And the thing is, he’s told me since the age of two that I’m God. He has this extraordinary mixture of incredible self-doubt, self-loathing, self-esteem, and extraordinary self-esteem to say, I can tell my father what to say and he’ll say it. Whether you’re in politics or not, a little princeling dauphin or not, that is not a good and healthy sign in a family. 

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