May 31, 2023
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Massive cheating occurred against President Trump, the outcome of which was the coup of 2020. But while many people blame Democrats, RINOs played a major role.

We will showcase actual proof of their skullduggery in our soon to be released film that is a sequel to 2000 Mules. But these traitors show themselves in a multitude of ways.

Take Congresswoman Liz Cheney, for example. She sides with Democrats on the January 6 nonsense, knowing the real truth. That truth is (1) citizens had a right to lawfully protest the outcome of the crooked 2020 Presidential Election. And (2) January 6 is little more than the treasonous Trump opposition seeking to gain cover for their fraud.

Cheney spoke on Fox News Sunday on her role in the J6 nonsense. In the video below, you will see Fox News host Bret Baier ask Cheney about President Trump’s request for 20,000 National Guardsmen to help protect the Capitol, if needed.

Cheney clearly lied, saying that former Assistant Secretary of Defense Chris Miller testified otherwise. She contended that Miller said President Trump made no such request for troops.

In the next part of the interview, you can see not one, but two direct denials from Trump’s national security team.

Both Kash Patel and Chris Miller attended the meeting on January 4 where the president made the statement. Both men confirm that President Trump requested the troops. Miller says that the meeting was about another national security issue, and Trump asked them to return. It was then the president mentioned making the 20,000 troops available.

Meanwhile, our Idiot in Chief tried to roast Trump, saying “you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-cop.” Once again, Biden showcases his lack of understanding common sense. That insurrection wasn’t spawned by conservatives. It was what one might call “an inside job.”

The Democrats and RINOs like Cheney would do anything to keep the truth from coming out about fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. That fraud undoubtedly occurred. And frankly, I can’t wait until the truth comes out and Leftists must admit to their lies.

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