May 31, 2023
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Oprah Winfrey may think she could easily deliver a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump, if the 45th POTUS decides to run for his second term, which he most likely will. After all, if Trump could do it, certainly a “smarter” Winfrey would make a great president. After her stunning speech at the Golden Globes, it appears the Democrats have found the magic lamp.

t’s an open secret that Winfrey was a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. In fact, the celebrity didn’t care if Americans like Clinton, she just wanted the voters to vote for her. To the people who had complained that they don’t like Clinton, Winfrey desperately told them – “She’s not coming over your house. You don’t have to like her. There really is no choice.”

After Winfrey’s “empowering” speech heralding a new era in women’s equality, free of abusive and manipulative entertainment industry mega-moguls, practically all the liberals and Democrats wanted her to run for president. Meryl Streep was among those calling for her to run for office afterwards, insisting the TV presenter “doesn’t have a choice”

Accepting the Cecil B DeMille award at the Hollywood ceremony on Sunday, Winfrey gave a passionate 9-minute speech that began with an explanation of what Sidney Poitier’s 1964 Oscar for “best actor” meant to her. It ended with a rousing declaration that “a new day is on the horizon.” Oprah Winfrey was like a God sent messiah to kick Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.

On paper, it seems Winfrey is the best bet to unseat Trump. Winfrey is not only black but also a woman. Selling Oprah Winfrey brand could be the easiest job – America’s first black woman president. While a Winfrey 2020 campaign would certainly inspire enormous support, there’s one huge problem – Hollywood sex predator Harvey Weinstein.

Accused by more than 50 women of using his position in Hollywood to force them to have sex with him in order to help their careers, Harvey Weinstein is the person nobody wants to be associated with. If Oprah Winfrey desires to go for the top job, she must avoid the notorious Weinstein with 10-foot poles. Unfortunately, she would need more than being a sweet talker to explain herself.

Like Meryl Streep, who received flak for her longstanding relationship with the Miramax head, Oprah has been close friends with Weinstein for decades. In fact, Harvey was so close to Oprah, victims claimed he used the relationship to seduce young actresses, taking them to parties where he could demonstrate his power by charming the daytime talk show host.

British actress Kadian Noble, one of several women suing Harvey Weinstein personally for what they say was predatory and harassing behaviour, has exposed how Harvey Weinstein used Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell to dupe her into thinking he would help her with her career – only to use her for sex. And she was impressed because megastar Oprah was “swinging off his arm.”

“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” – she said. Noble said Weinstein found her again at a party in Cannes, where he invited her up to his hotel room to give her career advice. She says he touched her inappropriately, then forced her to perform sexual acts on him in the bathroom in front of a mirror.

After allegations against her close friend Weinstein were revealed, Oprah found herself in the cross-hairs, forced to explain how she had worked with and supported Weinstein for years, while somehow failing to notice he had been known to prey on young women. But instead of explanation, Oprah would sneakily throw the focus off of Weinstein and beat around the bush.

It’s hard to believe that a smart woman like Oprah had not realized about Weinstein’s extraordinary sexual appetite while she was working with him in Hollywood for such a long time. In her Golden Globes speech, she emphasized breaking down racial and gender barriers to success, and championed the cause of women who claim to be victims of sexual assault.

In the political world – not Hollywood – she will be grilled over her intimate relationship with Harvey Weinstein. She could easily be accused of endorsing the sex predator, looking the other way when she knew young women were about to be harassed or raped. To say that she hadn’t a clue that Weinstein was using her as bait would only mean Oprah is too dumb to be the next U.S. president.

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