May 28, 2023
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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer completely torched Fox New host Tucker Carlson over a new rant about “Replacement Theory” that Schumer called “deranged, dangerous,” and “racist.”

During Wednesday’s U.S. Senate session, Schumer devoted part of his floor speech to the beginning of Carlson’s Tuesday night episode, in particular his remarks that leaders” stopped trying to make the United States a hospitable place for American citizens,” and instead “just imported new people.”

Schumer began by explaining the “Great Replacement Theory” and its role in the racist Buffalo massacre, then read some quotes from Carlson’s rant.

“Here is what Mr. Carlson said last night, among many deranged things – these are his words,” Schumer said. “Sometime around 1965, our leaders stopped trying to make the United States a hospitable place for American citizens, their constituents, to have their own families… They just imported new people. That’s literally what happened.”

Schumer’s quote was accurate, but edited for length. Here’s what Carlson said:

Schumer then tore into Carlson, as well as Fox News, and warned that “racially-motivated violence will further ignite the country” if they continue:

Can you believe someone said that on a national network? And the network does nothing about it?

There is only one way to describe what Mr. Carlson is doing: he is stoking racial resentment among his viewers. It’s deranged! It’s dangerous! It’s racist!

Not long ago, views like replacement theory were only found in the darkest places in disturbed minds.

Now someone as prominent as Mr. Carlson is spreading night after night to an audience that often tops three million viewers.

And it’s not an isolated incident. According to one measure by the New York Times, Mr. Carlson has spewed rhetoric that echoes replacement theory at least 400 times on his show since 2016. Four hundred times. The is not a one-off, what he did last night.

The more that MAGA radicals like Carlson spread replacement theory, it is not out of the question that racially-motivated violence will further ignite the country. Fox News should be ashamed that they’re enabling these racist views and giving them an enormous platform on their network.

It is dangerous and un-American for one of the biggest news networks in the world to amplify conspiracy theories that are eerily similar to those cited by the Buffalo shooter.

I urge Carlson to stop spreading replacement theory, or else risk seeing more tragedies like the one we saw in Buffalo last month.

Carlson’s rants omit explicit references to race, but critics argue this is a fig leaf, and polls show that belief in replacement theory is widespread and explicitly racial among conservatives.

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