May 28, 2023
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One thing you have to give Dems credit for: they never stop trying to find new and creative ways of taking down their enemies. And one of the biggest conservative fish Dems would love to fry is Justice Clarance Thomas, and thanks to a sketchy new “scandal,” Dems think they have a chance to bring down the popular conservative justice.

The politically-driven controversy started when a fake “bipartisan” watchdog group called ProPublica issued a report on the close relationship between Justice Thomas, his wife Ginni, and a Texas billionaire named Harlan Crow. Supposedly, Justice Thomas accepted lavish “gifts” and trips paid for by a Texas billionaire, and allegedly engaged in questionable real estate transactions and payments.

That was all Dems needed to hear and they were quickly off to the races, demanding that Chief Justice John Roberts testify before Congress and take action against Thomas’ “ethical violations.”

Meanwhile, it’s curious that the identity of the Supreme Court “leaker” remains a mystery. One can’t help but wonder why Dems are so focused on the Thomas situation when the leaker is still on the loose.

Just days ago, Dems renewed their calls for an ethics investigation into Justice Thomas.

The head of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics believes that Justice Clarence Thomas’ ethical problems aren’t enough to take him down. However, Dems are hoping they can work around that little problem and gin up more serious accusations surrounding the so-called “coverup” of the “crime.”

But that may be a problem for Dems… because in a rare show of unanimity, the other Justices serving on the Supreme Court have publicly rebuked the Dems for going after Justice Thomas. It is the first time that the Court’s members have taken a unanimous stance like this.

Attorney Mike Davis blasted Dems ongoing political witch hunt against Justice Thomas and shared an unprecedented unanimous statement from the Supreme Court Justices. This statement condemns the unfair and baseless attacks on Justice Thomas’ reputation, and shows a rare display of solidarity.

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