May 28, 2023
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Democrats are not handling their recent loss in Texas to conservative Republican Mayra Flores very well at all.

This election seemed to catch them off guard and now Democrats in Texas are freaking out on the party for not paying more attention to the race.

This was a HUGE win for Republicans who have not held a seat in this region for over 100 years.

Politico reports:

Latino Democrats vent their fury after foreboding special election loss in Texas

Less than 24 hours after the GOP flipped a congressional district in South Texas, several Latino Democrats cornered their campaign chief on the House floor with a fervent plea: It’s time for the party to make a crucial course correction.

Republicans blew up more than a century of almost uninterrupted Democratic control in that region Tuesday night, earning a special election win in a heavily Latino border district they had rarely even contested since its creation in 2012 — but where the GOP has made rapid gains in the last few years.

That trend has been on Democrats’ minds since former President Donald Trump cut deep into the party’s margins in the Rio Grande Valley in 2020. But national Republicans poured money into the special election in this 85 percent Latino district from the beginning.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and its allies, meanwhile, only made a small investment at the end, despite requests from members to get involved earlier.

“I hope the DCCC learns their lesson with this before it happens across the country,” said Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, who due to redistricting will face GOP Rep.-elect Mayra Flores this fall in a redrawn district.

Make no mistake. Democrats are absolutely terrified of everything Mayra Flores represents.

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